BAAR competition, C+C team

BAAR contest, by ArchMedium.

High performance center for young footballers
Honourable Mention
C+C team, Carlos Gonzalvo & Cristina Olucha

The project consists of a progression towards the river. The space is organized by longitudinal axes following the previously existing urban fabric. The axes are transverse to the river and allow the vision to him. To respect the idea of ​​’viewpoint’ the project rises from the ground, allowing the view to the lower terraces and greater permeability between parts. The topography also modulates the solar space, making a series of terraces that house different uses. In this way we get more fluid riverfront and a direct connection through an underpass.

The river forms part of the project. Access from the site is direct, thanks to the planned underpass. Thus, the intervention does not affect the existing traffic and distinguishes two systems: the pedestrian and traffic system. To reinforce the idea of ​​the river, we integrate a part of the program on it. We rehabilitate its runway, integrating a great ride that follows the entire course of the Riachuelo. This axis parallel, with a long extension, intended the bottom as a jogging track. The training can be completed in blocks attached to the track, which will be used in sports.

The main access to the project is divided into two tracks, the traffic and the pedestrian. The shot is a continuation via the existing street and cross allows binding site adjacent to the other. The movement by this route has spaces that allow vehicles to park. The pedestrian, is complemented by satellite shot, completing the entrances to the buildings designed: the administrative area, the residential area and a school for students organized into three blocks, oriented east-west. The vegetation is responsible for linking the different areas and to compose the interstitial spaces between buildings. The vegetation maintains the human scale in the project.

The program is divided into four areas: administrative, residential, educational and recreational. The main module allows us to create the rate by adding pieces, composing blocks of different dimensions, as required. The heavy structure of the system clears the way for the project. It has a rigid core that serves vertical shaft protruding from the top providing light to the stairs. Likewise, free downstairs part of the greater fluidity creates covered multipurpose spaces. Topographic small recesses are made for creating spaces at lower altitude, allowing them to pass on some of the road shot.

Made by Carlos Gonzalvo and Cristina Olucha.

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