In 1970, Antoni Bonet, a Catalan Architect, designs Hifrensa Village. It was a project for the people who were going to work in the new nuclear power station. Into the village, there were different categories, depending on the economics characteristics of the workers. There were houses for engineers, for expert witnesses, for labourers and also a singles residence. The nuclear power station need workers from around the world for brief periods, so they were accommodated into the singles residence.

The village was situated near Hospitalet de l’Infant. Hospitalet was a village with only 200 habitants, so Hifrensa village was going to triplicate the number of habitants. It’s for this reason that Hifrensa village was nearly but separated. It has his own services: a school, a community centre, a restaurant, a library, a swimming pool and also some squares where have relationships with neighbourhood. The village is crossed by two torrents.

Antoni Bonet, the architect, was very respectful with the environment. He worked with Le Corbusier, and learned the important issues of scale and proportion. He made his own rules, saying that there were three scales: the human scale, the tree scale and the sky scale. From these parameters, Bonet made the whole Village. He has a deep respect for the topography, and he integrates and camouflages the road system. It’s like a sinuous path, quiet. When you go around this village, you can breathe the field, the smell of the pines, sea views… A walk there gives you peace and calm.  The woodwork is modulated in all project. Bonet uses a modulated and systematic construction. He gets the variety and richness with other elements, such as vegetation.

Unfortunately, the large construction of the coast has reached to the village, so nowadays it’s not the same than in his origins.

Anyway, I recommend you to visit it, it’s a great place.

Cristina Olucha.