After a few days in the mountain, I will like to publish a small post about the Salardu’s church.

Salardú is a small village, placed in the Catalonian Pyrenees. This village takes part on a valley, named ‘Aran valley’ (Vall d’Aran in Catalan). It’s close to the French border. Because of the topography in the valley developed a style and art itself, with French and Spanish influences. This style defines the Aran Valley and distinguishes it from other neighbouring regions.

In the middle Ages, the fiefs were organized so that the construction of a church abolished all sins. It’s for this reason that we can find many examples of churches built in the XII, XIII and XIV.

Most churches start with a Romanesque style and Gothic elements are incorporated as they are built.

Sant Andreu de Salardú, the Salardú’s church, is a temple composed of three parts. His paintings are extremely fine. They are well conserved. You can watch few vignettes of a Salardú painter. The red colour and the chromatography are amazing. It’s inspired by the colours of the landscape.  It has also got a Christ dated in XII century. It’s in a perfect state of preservation.

The church has got a bell tower. It was part of the rampart and was used as a watchtower at certain times. Inside there is a wooden structure over four floors. If you go there, you have very good views.

The church is opened to public visits, it’s a nice trip!