The ‘Block-House’ was built by Josep Lluís Sert in 1933, in Barcelona.

It’s made after the CIAM congress in Brussels, in 1930. (CIAM= International Congress of Modern Architecture). It was about the rational development of space. Le Corbusier was one of the most collaborating and driving in these congresses. After that, a new architecture was born. The Block-House is one of these new premises.

The Block-House is similar to the Unité d’Habitation because of the idea of the orientation and the addition cells that compose the entire unit of housing. We can say that the building is like an addition of cells. All the cells are very similar, not like in the Unite where there are sixteen different cells.

All the rooms have got his own window to the exterior space. There is a common exterior corridor serving all houses. Each apartment has got its corresponding outer space. It’s near the living room, and can configure the extension of the indoor to the outdoor; it corresponds to a percentage of 10.4%.


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