José Antonio Coderch was a Catalan architect. After the civil war it wasn’t easy to build modern architecture in Spain. Coderch is one of the figures that are allowed to build modern architecture despite the Franco’s dictatorship.

The ‘Girasol building’ was built in 1964-1966, in Madrid. It’s built on a corner site, and becomes one of the best’s buildings of Coderch. The housing concept integrates the organic forms and the distribution of the spaces depending on their function. You can appreciate the language of modern architecture on his drawings.

The building is configured by another concept of addition, also closely linked to the concept of courtyard. The flats are distributed on diagonal, and the access is made by a comb-form. It provides a reflection on architecture, and also the concept of stack patio-houses in height. The light treatment is very important in the building. On the first hand, Coderch differentiates the function assigned to each courtyard. The backyard is focused on the service-use, contrasting with the front yard that has got a nobler character. On the other hand, the building has a system of wooden lattices that shape its outer image.

Referring to the internal distribution is made like a progression of spaces, ranging from one courtyard to another. We can say that, somehow, the use is associated with the form. The outdoor space corresponds to a percentage of 18.91% in this case.

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