Tadao Ando built it in 1975, in Sumiyoshi, Osaka. It’s called Azuma House and also the Row house.

It’s like a very small cell, very simple. But only just for this, the small cell becomes complex. If you see the plans, all is well organized. I think it’s very minimal. I love it!

Despite the cell (prima facie) doesn’t have any relationship with neighborhood, it’s one of the characteristics of this architect. In my culture it’s too strange not to put any window on the main façade. But then, when you look it carefully, you can discover the central patio, where the house looks. This courtyard is a remarkable space on the house and becomes a ball-and-socket joint between the different parts of the house. It acts like a hall.

The program into the house is divided in two parts: on the ground floor, there is the day-area (living, dinning and kitchen), and on the first floor it’s situated the rest area.

The courtyard corresponds to a percentage of 20% in this case and, for me, is the most important area on the house.

You can research more in these books:

‘Tadao Ando, Complete works. 1975-2012.’ Philip Jodidio. Ed. TASCHEN.