The Ved Bellevue project has been divided in two parts: five houses near the sea, and a building placed behind these houses. It was made in 1960-1961 I’ve paid attention to the houses. They have got an interesting relationship with the sea, and also an internal circuit diagonally trough housing. This internal circuit is made by a transition over different spaces, two of them are courtyards. The space expands and contracts during the tour, both horizontally and vertically. The patios are very different between them, the first is related with the carport and two bedrooms, and the second one is related with another bedroom and the living. The dimensions are very similar but the first is smaller because of its character, it’s like a service yard. Finally, the house has got a terrace shielded from neighbours by a trellis. It’s interesting the relation between the different parts and the internal circuit.

The courtyards correspond to a percentage of 30,23% in this case.

You can research more in these books:

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