Jujol was a disciple from Gaudí. Most of his works are located on Catalonia. He lived the Catalan Modernism as the engine that inspired his works. Like Gaudí, he was very influenced by nature, and used materials that were located in the place that he was constructing.

The Vistabella’s church is a very little church made by all the people that were living in this small village. It’s placed in Vistabella, near Tarragona, approximately 120 Km from Barcelona. The casing stones were found on the orchards. Then Jujol selected them and decided where they had to be placed. With the village help, they could lift this humble yet remarkable church. Inside, there are a Jujol’s paintings, damaged by fire in the Civil War.

I’ve done in university a 3D model, I lend you some simply renders!

Section and renders