Hello everyone!

At first, I have to say that I’m sorry about being out all this time! I’ve being working, studying for the University and doing a lot of works! So the conclusion is that I haven’t had much time for the publications…I’m sorry! On the other hand, I can say that I have got a lot of new material for doing new publications…we must see the bright side of things! I will try to write more until now! I hope you enjoy it!

Today I will share with you a little exercise (I only dedicated on it for one week). It is a train station into the University campus. We are situated in Catalonia, in a small city called Reus (It’s about 120km from Barcelona, best known city) and the campus is near the railroad tracks! So most students think that a small train station there, will stimulate the relationship between students and the public transport.

The project considers that it’s necessary to do more connexions between the two sides of the tracks. For this reason it’s situated between two existing bridges. It’s presented as an element of the campus, with activity all time. I understand the project like a transition between different covers, with different degrees of liberty. The furniture is adapted for ‘young’ activities, like playing cards, reading, or talking in the hammocks!

I hope you like it!