VÖLPELSWIESE-MIXSIEPENVölpelswiese-mixsiepen. 1958.

W. Kongeter & W. A. Arns, REMSCHEID (Germany).

What about these ‘L’ houses? Continuing with the studio of the patio-houses, we can talk about some differences that make this construction different to the others: the adaptation to different levels.

The piece of land has got a pronounced slop, and the architects what have done is to conserve maximum this quality. Through this, the project earns quality and makes himself more respectful and in harmony with the pre-existences existing around him. Because of that, several lines of houses can be constructed without obstructing the vision to another, continuing with the natural line of the mountain. Using this resource, all the houses can receive an ideal sunlight, direct to the important rooms in the house, as the living room or the kitchen.

Talking about the exterior space, in this case is located in the corner, just where is placed the stair. The program is developed in an L form, surrounding the patio. The outdoor corresponds to a percentage of 28,1%.