Barcelona Concert Hall – l’Auditori

Barcelona Concert Hall - 'ESMUC'

Barcelona is the biggest city in Catalonia. It has a population of 1.6 million. Beyond the administrative limits it has 4.7 million population, one of the 6 biggest in the European Union.

The city has several theaters that offer a complete program with concerts and scenic representations. The biggest is this concert hall, called ‘l’Auditori’, followed by ‘El Liceu’ (Opera House). The building was projected some years ago (1987) by Rafael Moneo but it was unfinished until 1999 due to economical problems. Before the hall we have a monumental skylight, a cubic glass that indicates the entrance. It has got 3 concert halls, the biggest with more than 2.000 seats. The acoustic has been studied by the acoustic expert Higini Arau. He has dedicated the entire life in calculating concert halls. A positive and significant thing in the project is that the ‘Auditori’ is a focus of music, because it is a complex with the centre of ‘esmuc’ (superior music school in Catalonia), The Symphonic Orchestra in Barcelona and the Music Museum.

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