Public housing in Reus


As the first exercise in the 5th and last course we had to made a project with social housing in a depressed area in Reus, in the Gaudí suburb.

Some History:

The passage ‘la Boca de la Mina’ was founded in 1607. The Countess of Prades and Duchess of Cardona established the town of Reus in possession of water coming down the stream Maspujols. Thus arose the mouth of the mine, giving wealth to all the surrounding land. To honor the countess, the villagers decided to plant the plane ride filled, so that when it came I could see he had brought prosperity to the land. Gradually, they were appearing farms and items related to the mouth of the mine, as the source or the source of the Lion Priests, flour mill villa and Bassa Nova, very popular place for the recreational citizen.
Gradually, the applications were changing, the mill was in use, but the walk was still in force as a place of enjoyment of Reus, away from social pressure that was in the city center. It was a place where you went to lunch and spend the Easter day. He was also tied with the youth who went to high school because it was the place where the races do physical education Strollers while there was no class seminars natural sciences, or go to see friends who studied in another school (the side Pere Mata), Reus III.
Anecdotally, Mrs. Maria was always up to the source, selling anise in a paper twist. Thus, everything went up in could eat. The walk to the mouth of the mine is remembered by Reus as a soft pavement, where you can walk and enjoy nature more distant from the center of the city.
Nowadays, it is rather obsolete compared to the use to which it had given long ago. Basically it uses only the closest people could say children of schools and people living in the neighborhood or nearby places, which fail as a way to go to run and play sports. Because it has a very gentle slope and is not asphalted, makes it ideal for such activities. There is discussion on whether to re-use the walk should become a means to another floor, hard. However, the idea does not please Reus who love your ride as it has always been with clay.

Personal contributions:

What provides us this place?
The ability to live in peace, away from the bustling streets, take a stroll to see the tranquility full of cars, the contact with the Nature zone, ideal for children, splendid scenery, great breadth … all without losing view that within 10 minutes you can reach the center of Reus.
What are we looking for?
Consciously that we are located in a boundary zone of the city, expanding, seeks to give more activity in the sector, providing facilities that work every day (not like the schools, which are only a core of very specific activity) and a concentration of housing quality
relates to the immediate environment. Committed by the concept of intergenerational solidarity ‘trying to get the highest possible heterogeneity. Heterogeneity want to get the most from mixed types of Hamas bitatge potential and making a social mix as large as possible, trying to combine housing addressed to different generations (grandparents, young families), which integrates all types of people ( disabilities …) and supports all kinds of cultures and religions.
It is proposed location of a small Primary Care Centre, related to a series of sheltered housing for the elderly. Thus, the CAP can provide service around the neighborhood and meet the needs of the elderly.
Moreover committed to install different parcels cultivated fruit trees and vegetable gardens. These plots are associated with a farm-school, which will take care of all the land, giving the possibility of collaborating in different families and organizing activities on weekends. All schools nearby can also make use of this equipment.
With regard to housing, housing looks as flexible as possible, you can adapt to multiple uses and changing situation. Thanks to the aforementioned e-flexibility, we want to achieve the maximum possible combinations, resulting in greater diversity possible.

You can have a look to the following sheets for further information: