About me


I am an active and dynamic person. Hard worker, responsible and a perfectionist. With a high sensitive-artistic component that I have developed since childhood, instructing me in disciplines such as music and dance. Moreover, Architecture has become one of my great passions.

career path:

My experience as an architect is varied since I started to practice very young (21 years old). My itinerary begins collaborating with the Composition Department, collaborating with several teachers with whom I have learned a lot.

The next stage I started working in BASF Tarragona. Ostensibly, I recognise that it does not seem an attractive place for an architect, but I had the opportunity of developing many small scale projects and knowing how a big company works. After being there a year and a half, I was offered a workplace in BASF Germany. I spent 4 months living and learning German there, but I decided to come back in order to finish my final University Project (PFC) and becoming Architect – was my Priority in that moment.

Two months later I began collaborating in a small architects office, in my native city, Tarragona. I was selected to collaborate on a concrete project of a church.